Does My Business Need a Blog?

The answer is most definitely!  Today blogs are more important than ever. One of the keys to great SEO is excellent, consistent, new content.  Long gone are the days where you created your website and then let it collect dust until you decide to create a new one ten years later.  Your website is the face of your business, and your content is how you connect and educate your patients.

A company blog can serve many purposes

  1. A blog can establish you as the authority in your field.  It will allow you to elaborate on a topic, especially in complex areas such as medicine, aesthetics, or law. Patients often spend a great deal of time researching their chosen practitioner, and the more information you produce around your specialties, the better.
  2. Blogs are a great place to announce an award or additional training you have received again, positioning you as the expert in your field. Consider sharing your blogs on social media as well to broaden your audience.
  3. There are times when a topic does not warrant a new page on the website, but the content could help create interest and promote your services or brand. Consider this a place to promote your interviews, podcasts, videos, and even your philanthropic interests.
  4. Blogs can also increase traffic to your website for specific keywords. The more good content you have around competitive categories, the better.  Every time you add new content to your website, the algorithm alerts the search engine that there is something new to see, and they re-crawl your website and index the original content. This is an SEO strategy used you move you up in the Search Engine Results Pages or SERP’s.
  5. Blogs can educate and build trust.  With physicians having little time in the exam room to talk to patients having all the information on the website saves time and gives them better resources and confidence.

There are countless ways blogs can promote, establish trust, and increase traffic to your website. They are a vital ingredient to any strong SEO campaign. If you would like to discuss implementing a blog strategy, please schedule a consultation with our team.